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More testimonials...

Ms Samantha James from Chorleywood, Herts -

'Fantastic Gift - to soothe and relax'. Use to - 'snuggle against - especially during period pains' also use to calm stress.
What particularly appeals is ‘the soft feel of the fabric and its compact size’ I would recommend because ‘it works, it helps, it alleviates, it comforts’. Summing up... ‘An essential accessory, versatile and worth every penny, everyone should try and have one!’

Mrs. D Greenwood Pinner Middlesex -

Trouble with knees, the cushion is a great help. I am a gardener and my shoulders need heat now and then, also my back. ‘Very soothing’. It is a comfort when I have stiffness in the joints - I am getting old you see!! Yes I would recommend the cushions; they do a good job and are very comforting when everything hurts.

Miss E M Eggington from Northwood -

Christmas presents, Arthritis pain - they were delighted - enjoyed relief and comfort from pain. For myself general purpose in place of hot water bottle and relief of occasional aches and pains - My Mother likes to use one when she stays. Retains heat and moulds into shape of body. Recommend for warmth, comfort and are effective - easy to heat - a practical alternative to the hot water bottle with added comfort and therapeutic qualities to relieve aches and pains.

Mrs. R Jordan from Leicestershire -

‘Bought for a present as my daughter had already bought me one, to ease all her aches and pains’. ‘I use mine for migraine and it is marvellous’. Used hot, what I particularly like... ‘it is so soft and comforting’... ‘They are brilliant.’ Summing up - ‘They ease my pain and help me to sleep.’

Mrs. Cole from Radlett Herts -

I use more than once a day for pain relief hot. I particularly like how it fits round the joints and is a great comfort. I recommend it because it is warm and comforting. To sum up - ‘They bring relief to discomfort, they gently warm and are really cuddly'.

Dr J A Raffle from Richmond Surrey -

Arthritis of neck and hands and use to warm feet in bed. I would recommend it because I find them comforting and very effective for my arthritis. To sum up - ‘I keep it near the Aga. Then I can warm it up quickly.’

Ms Baker from Cambridge -

Bought for own neck pain - actually use to ease pain in neck and shoulders. Yes would recommend... ‘It works a treat’. Summing up - ‘It is my best friend of an evening to soothe away muscle pain.’

Mrs. J Reid from Chessington Surrey -

Bought to ease neck pain. It is a great comfort would recommend the cushions ‘It is so relaxing. I would not be without mine as it also helps my circulation.’

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