Heated Wheat Cushions & Bags | Microwave Lavender Wheat Bags
Large and Eye Therapeutic Cushions
Natural wheat bags made with lavender whole wheat grain, cotton velvet Therapeutic uses hot & cold these bags & wheat cushions are good for all the body Large Multipurpose Wheat Bag The Large, Multi-Purpose Cushion - safer than the traditional hot water bottle. A very versatile wheat bag used by Dermalogica (UK) for relaxation in their skin care clinics since 1998 (coupled with our eye cushion). It measures 13" x 7.5" and is ideal for most areas of pain, especially the lower back area. Essential Eye Wheat Bag This is the Eye Cushion used by Dermalogica (UK) Ltd along with our 'Large' cushions. Great for sore eyes, cheeks and headaches. Wonderful for relaxation wherever you may be... See http://www.painreliefcushions.co.uk/wheat-bags.html for details and to order.

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